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Web Dev - May 30, 2011

The One Thing You Need To Know Before Building Your Website

As a web developer, I’ve built quite a large number of websites for different clients. In my experience building these websites, I’ve discovered that there is one major mistake that a lot of people make when starting a website.

Frequently I’m asked questions like “Can you make a website for my business?”. I certainly can. When I ask them my next question though, not everyone has a good idea. My question back is “What is the purpose of your website?”

Now, I’m not asking this to be rude. I’m not even implying that there are thousands of websites out there that do the exact same thing. I’m asking because this is the most important thing to know before starting to build a website.

If your webpage’s purpose is to spread ideas, then a blog or wiki format will work, and these are design choices that I need to make, and they should be dictated by the purpose. If it’s a website for your business, what exactly do you want visitors to your site to do? Is it to increase brand recognition? Is it to generate leads? Is it to actually make sales on the website?

Once you know the exact purpose of your website, then you can begin building, because all of the other little questions will answer themselves.

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