Radial Blur
I offer a wide variety of website services to fit different needs.

Website Consultation - $100
This is aimed at people who want to build their website themselves but aren't sure how to get started. I'll sit down with you on the phone or Skype videochat and review your website's goals and needs. I'll let you know what technologies you need, what kind of servers to buy, what software to download or purchase, and give you a step by step strategy for building a professional-looking website that generates leads and fulfills its purpose.

Simple Corporate/Personal Site - $2000-$4000
I work with a lot of small companies and people who just need a simple solution to display information about their company. This is a front-facing website with a custom theme, your own look, and integration with mailing lists, social media, and other industry-standard technologies. Contact me and we can discuss your needs today.

E-Commerce Website - $3000-$6000
Some people need the ability to sell products online. I'll work with you to set up a website with a fully-featured shopping cart, ready to allow users to purchase goods or services from you with Credit Cards or PayPal. Call me today and we can discuss a solution that works for you.

Other Services - Contact To Discuss Your Needs
Disaster Recovery
Security Vulnerability Scans
Community-based Sites