Radial Blur
I worked for four years with Neil Strauss and the Stylelife crew building the website. Stylelife is a very comprehensive website that includes mailing lists, funnels, a store, membership-only areas, live flash chats with staff, and forums.

The Art Of The Playboy
My dear friend Gareth Jones approached me with his dream of being an international travelling playboy, and he's succeeded wildly. He travels the world coaching very interesting people in fashion, etiquette, and social skills. I've greatly enjoyed putting his website together.

One of my favorite people to work with is Dean Berube, a former blender salesman who put together a massive resource of recipes, videos, and how-tos aimed at people with Vita-Mix blenders. The site has undergone several revisions and is coded completely from scratch.

Reinventing the way that endoscopy is done is a startup company called CapsoVision. Their head of marketing approached me to build a website to showcase their new capsule endoscopy technology, and I worked with them to create a design and layout that shows off their product.

I've worked with YouTube's famous 13Mordeth, who singlehandedly invented the Motorcycle Vlog format. This website has a huge forum, a members-only access area for private video series, and automatic integration with his most recently uploaded videos on YouTube.

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