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Life - August 28, 2012

Road Trip – LA to NY

On a train north out of Eastbourne, a grumpy-looking lady sits across from me gazing
out the window, watching the landscape go past angrily, as if the world has wronged
her in some way. The last few weeks for me have been exceedingly interesting and crazy.
I packed up in Santa Monica, put them all into a trailer, and headed off
east a couple of Sundays ago with my dad and everything that I own, kicking off an exciting
trip around the world.

We drove through desert the first day, sand, dirt, cactuses, 108 degree heat and even
some rain. We passed Las Vegas, screamed through Utah, and wound up in a desert town for
dinner. Got to a hotel in Colorado for the night where a drunken redneck and his dog were
sitting outside to greet us.

The second day was filled with rain. Driving up steep Denver mountains in second gear
to carry the trailer up, I drove through torrential rain. Whenever I went to make a
lane change, the first end would lift up and I would hydroplane for a few terrifying
seconds. I gunned it to Frisco to meet a friend in the afternoon and almost completely
ran out of fuel. After a short visit, finished crossing Colorado into Kansas. That night
when I tried to check into the hotel room, an elderly man at the counter took twenty
minutes to struggle with the computer to check me in. That night I stayed up talking to
Dan-Tam and asked her to be my girlfriend on official terms. I’ve been incredibly happy

The third day started off with Kansas. It sucked. In the afternoon we crossed into Missouri, Saint Louis, Illinois, Indiana, and into
Kentucky for the night on my grandmother’s farm, and on the Fourth day we rested.

The fifth day my father and I crossed Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

I spent a couple of nights at my parents’ and then went to New York city to depart for
Budapest by way of Brussels.

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